Save tax with r Sodexo Food coupons


How does saving tax work if we opt for Sodexo Food coupons?

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Section: 17(2)(viii) read with Rule 3(7)(iii)

Type: Free food and beverages provided to the employee


  1. Fully Taxable: Free meals in excess of Rs. 50 per meal less amount paid by the employee shall be a taxable perquisite

  2. Exempt from tax : Following free meals shall be exempt from tax

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages provided during working hours in remote area or in an offshore installation;
  • Tea, Coffee or Non-Alcoholic beverages and Snacks during working hours are tax free perquisites;
  • Food in office premises or through non-transferable paid vouchers usable only at eating joints provided by an employer is not taxable, if cost to the employer is Rs. 50(or less) per meal.
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if they opt New Tax Regime. even food coupon (sodexo) is also comes under taxable…
i have been told by some one, it is suggest by GT also

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