Senior managers feel learning programmers should be top priority

While talent is upskilling and reskilling to become more talented and eligible for more and better-paying jobs, companies are offering their in-house talent opportunities to upskill and reskill in order to retain them! So, these propositions, as the ‘Upskilling and reskilling for future jobs’ report by HRKatha in association with HeroVired rightly points out, are no longer just ‘nice to have but ‘must-haves.

The survey was conducted among HR and learning professionals to gauge and formulate the trends in business across sectors. Interestingly, a whopping 83 percent of senior management professionals feel learning programs should be a top priority for the CXO community. Additionally, 92 percent CXOs believe that learning should be a top priority or very important for senior managers.

The Survey reveals that a significant 50 percent of the respondents from the logistics sector feel that the learning requirement for HR is a top priority. In comparison, in the IT/ITES space, only 45 percent of the respondents feel the same. In manufacturing, 42 percent of the respondents feel that the learning requirement for HR is a top priority, whereas in BFSI and retail, 33 percent each shared the same feeling and in healthcare, only 29 percent felt the same way.

Learning and development (L&D) programs have to be designed with thought. The exercise has to begin rightly, with the right selection of learning partners. This choice is made mostly on the basis of the content offered. As per the survey, the comprehensiveness of the course was the most important deciding factor for the IT & ITES sector (90 percent), followed by BFSI (88 percent) and hospitality (83 percent). This wasn’t a top priority for the retail and logistics sectors.

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Learning and development programs are a must. This will change the dynamics of every industry as well as for the employees.