Shocking insights about Indian bosses! recently conducted a survey on World Boss Day to understand the relationship between Indian employees and their managers. World Boss Day, which is celebrated on 16th October, is not much talked about like Teacher’s day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s day.

One of the findings revealed that a whopping 44% of respondents are happy with their current bosses. Further, they also indicated that the ability to motivate & guide (39%) and excellent communication & listening skills (27%) are the top two attributes that they expect in their bosses/managers. The main idea behind this was to understand all bosses who come with different flavors from sweet to salty, sour to bitter.

Below are some of the interesting insights from the survey:

  • Poor career growth and not ‘bad bosses’ is the top reason for employees’ job switch - The majority of respondents (41%) mentioned poor career growth as the key reason for leaving their last organizations, followed by bad work culture and company policies (34%). Interestingly, only 33% mentioned that they left their last organization due to bad bosses.

  • Employees prefer bosses who give timely feedback - Good managers don’t just inspire their teams to collaborate and work efficiently, they never settle until the team reaches the pinnacle of success by inhibiting the qualities of a true leader. Over 31% of employees prefer managers who motivate them to perform better and give timely feedback. However, a point to note is that Indian managers usually follow one-way communication channels (from managers to subordinates), as mentioned by 36% of employees who took the survey.

  • Bosses who focus more on work-life balance are preferred by employees - Post-pandemic, employees are not only accustomed to working from remote locations but also have changed their priorities and requirements from their workplaces. This shake-up has given rise to all sorts of evolved preferences and trends in the workplace. Nowadays, employees prefer work-life balance over fat paychecks. Therefore, a majority of employees prefer bosses who focus on maintaining a work-life balance.

  • Male bosses are touted to be more approachable, while female bosses treat their subordinates respectfully - As per this employee survey, male leaders are considered to be adaptive in nature when employees were asked to vote for them on various attributes. Apart from this, being approachable and open-minded are the other key traits that make males ideal bosses. In this context, female bosses are better at promoting work-life balance and showing respectful behaviors to their subordinates.

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Mostly all the points are valid and every employee looks forward for such qualities.