The HR Book Club #4 :: Uncommon Sense Teaching

Hello Community Members,

As the calendar flips to a fresh start, we’re kicking off the year with a mind-blowing book in our series:

Uncommon Sense Teaching” by Barbara Oakley PhD, Beth Rogowsky EdD, and Terrence J. Sejnowski PhD!

Get ready to ditch the old-school learning hacks and unlock your brain’s full potential in 2024. :star2: Get ready for an insightful journey! :rocket::open_book: #BookClub

Uncommon Sense Teaching

– Barbara Oakley PhD, Beth Rogowsky EdD, and Terrence J. Sejnowski PhD

About this book:

Uncommon Sense Teaching challenges traditional assumptions about learning and offers evidence-based strategies drawn from neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

You’ll understand yourself better, conquer exams with ease, and actually enjoy the process of learning. Ditch the ineffective methods and embrace the science of smart studying – your brain will thank you!

Key takeaways:

  • Memory : Cramming doesn’t work. Spacing out studying sessions over time strengthens long-term retention.
  • Retrieval Practice : Testing yourself, even with flashcards, boosts learning more than rereading notes.
  • Interleaving : Mixing up different topics during practice can enhance understanding and prevent rote memorization.
  • Metacognition : Teaching students to think about their thinking (how they learn) equips them with lifelong learning skills.
  • Motivation : Curiosity and relevance ignite student engagement. Connect learning to real-world problems and foster a growth mindset.
  • Sleep and Stress : Proper sleep and managing stress are crucial for learning and memory consolidation.

Remember, learning is a journey, not a destination. With Uncommon Sense Teaching, you’ll navigate it with confidence and joy!

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