Tips to build learning culture at workplace

Do you know creating a strong learning culture in your organization encourages employees to understand your organization’s values, practices, beliefs, skill sets, and conventions? Here are some of the tips that can help you build a dynamic workplace culture.

  1. Inspect current strategy to understand gaps and weaknesses.
  2. Plan what you need and your employees to learn.
  3. Equip subject matter experts to create learning content.
  4. Guide employees on what they need to learn.
  5. Make training accessible easily.
  6. From day one make sure learning is a top priority.
  7. Set specific deadlines for learning.
  8. Conduct experiments with the learning method.
  9. Create a resource library.
  10. Integrate learning in everyday work life.
  11. Make it social.
  12. Make it fun and entertaining.
  13. Wherever you can promote learning.
  14. Make sure that knowledge sharing becomes a habit.
  15. Make learning on-demand.
  16. Make a reward structure for learning and reward your employees.
  17. Keep this a continuous process.
  18. Link to chain to leadership.
  19. Provide continuous feedback.
  20. Measure and adapt based on results.

Great tips. I can definitely share this idea with my senior management.


Good Points… this can be measured as well which makes it more useful. Good post.