Transport allowance and conveyance allowance

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  1. Are transport allowance and conveyance allowance the same ?
  2. Since its extended WFH and employee cannot reimburse bills, can vehicle allowance be removed or adjusted to any other expense?
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In general, Conveyance or Transport Allowance would mean the allowance provided for the means to travel or for the purpose of transport.
Allowance that is granted to an employee to meet their expenditures for the purpose of commuting between their place of residence and the office/ place of duty, and back.
Allowance that is granted to an employee working in the transport business to meet their personal expenditures while performing his duty by running of such transport from one place to another place, provided the employee does not receieve a daily allowance.
Conveyance or Transport Allowances are typically paid by an employer under the condition that there is no transportation offered by their employer. This article will guide you accurately

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