Unable to upload Form 16? Form 16 mismatch; what can be the reasons?

Some of the components of Form 16 are:

Employee name, PAN of the employee.
PAN of the company, Tax deduction, and the TAN of the company.
Acknowledgement number of the taxes paid by the employer.
Salary details like gross salary, net salary, details of deductions, incentives, etc.
Education cess, and surcharge amount details.

Unable to upload Form 16?

As a quick help it’s seen in multiple instances that Form 16 zip file has to be copied, pasted on separately on Desktop/Any Drive, but not in multiple folders

The steps to be followed along with uploading the Form 16 in the website are listed below.

  1. Uploading Form 16 details on the Income Tax Return (ITR) Form
  2. Fill in the income details
  3. Calculate tax liability
  4. Go to the taxes paid and verification tab
  5. Submit your ITR file
  6. Generate ITR-V
  7. E-verify returns

There are Form 16 mismatches in Part A & Part B, what can be the reasons?

Some of the reasons for data mismatch are:

Failure of the deductor to furnish TDS details to the IT department in time.
Incorrect challan details or error in challan information number(CIN).
Incorrect PAN in TDS return filed by the deductor.
Incorrect TAN/PAN of the deductor.
Error in an amount in the TDS return.
Details are incomplete in the TDS return.

Additional read:

Read below the difference between Form 16 Part A & Part B

Form 16 Part A has

• Name and address of the employer
• TAN & PAN of employer
• PAN of the employee
• Summary of tax deducted & deposited quarterly, which is certified by the employer
• Assessment Year
• Period of employment with the employer
• Form 16 Part A must be generated and downloaded through Traces portal
• Part A of the Form 16 also has a unique TDS Certificate Number.

Form 16 Part B has

• Detailed breakup of salary paid
• Deductions allowed under the income tax act (under chapter VIA)
• Relief under section 89
• If you have held more than one job during the year, you’ll have more than one Form 16.
• Part B is prepared by the employer manually and issued along with Part A.

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These could be because of any previous reasons - but recently this started popping up, i.e Invalid XML

Hit a dead-end while trying to file your income because of this error message: invalid XML? You could be getting this message due to any of these three scenarios:

  • If you have generated the XML file by using the older version of the ITR utility.
  • If you have altered or edited the XML file generated from the ITR utility/form before uploading the same to the portal.
  • If using the Excel utility to file ITR, the computer used for generating the XML does not have the .Net 3.5 frameworks installed or enabled.

However, as a taxpayer, you need not worry, you can resolve the ‘invalid XML’ error by following these 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Discard the older version of the XML which is leading to the error. However, do not discard the previous old version of the ITR Excel utility/form. Now, you have to download and open the latest version of the ITR excel utility, which you have used to create the XML, from the e-filing portal.

Step 2: Open the latest version of the ITR excel utility/form and click on ‘Import from Previous Version’ button from the right-side panel.

Step 3: Now, browse and select the saved excel file (previous version of the filled ITR excel utility/form) and click on ‘Open’.

Step 4: All the information filled and saved into the previous version of the ITR excel utility will get imported to the latest version of the ITR excel utility successfully.

You must thoroughly check the details in the newer version to ensure that all the details from the previous version have been imported correctly. Fill in the additional fields, if any, in the new version and complete the ITR. Generate the XML after filling all necessary details and upload the new XML file in the e-filing portal.

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