Uncertainty Motivating Businesses To Increase Digitization!

Today new research reveals that over 70% of managers and employees agree that change has become the new constant in workplaces – and workers now rely on digital tools not only to keep productive but also to achieve peace of mind during particularly uncertain times.

All businesses continue to face significant uncertainty, as well as frequent impacts on employee wellbeing and productivity,” said Prativa Mohapatra, Vice-President, and Managing Director, of Adobe India. “The macroeconomic changes demand that organizations prioritize strategic investments in digital technologies – including modern productivity and workflow tools– that will enable better workforce productivity, collaboration, and innovation.”

The study surveyed more than 9,700 employees, enterprise (ENT) managers, and small business (SMB) leaders across eight global markets including India, offering a comprehensive look at how uncertainty has impacted workforce productivity, collaboration, and innovation. Economic instability, climate changes, and COVID-19 variants emerged as some of the top global concerns, in addition to regionally specific issues.

Due to continued uncertainty, 70% of managers and employees reported spending more time at work absorbing or discussing news coverage compared to a year ago — and 76% of employees said a breaking news event could impact their day for a few hours. This uncertainty has decreased efficiency and productivity for all employees, with Gen Z (93%) and millennials (87%) feeling stronger impacts compared with older generations, including 79% of Gen X employees, and 71% of Boomers and their older peers.

Technology Is Creating Opportunities for Better Collaboration and Innovation Amid Uncertainty and Employees Are Demanding Modern Technology and Wellbeing Support at Work.

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