[WEBINAR] Register to Learn Automation of Your 4 Critical Tasks Today | 3 pm

Hello Greytribe Members,

We’re excited to introduce you to the new features we launched recently! :star2:

Our Workflows lets you automate critical employee lifecycle events —from onboarding to exit.

By the way, we are doing a live rundown of the 4 most requested features by you:

  • Automate critical employee lifecycle events with Event Workflows

  • Enjoy one-click payroll JV posting to Tally with Tally JV Integration

  • Save time and reduce errors during onboarding with Prefilled Forms

  • Schedule flexible split shifts for your employees with Split Shift

Each of these completes a critical action in your to-do items. The webinar will also cover use cases and a live QnA/Feedback session.

See you at the webinar today at 3:00 p.m. :dart:

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Team greytHR