[Winners] Most Valuable Contributors | greytHR Community | March 2022

Hi All,

Join us in applauding our Most Valuable Contributors[MVC] in the greytHR Community for March 2022

Firstly, a huge shoutout to our esteemed experts in the community.

Thank you for making the LIVE Discussion Sessions with Experts such a good learning experience.
:star2: Mr. Ravi Mishra @Ravi | Mr. Sudeep Sen @sudeep | Ms. Namrata Dhasmana @NamrataDhasmana & Mr. Sanjeeb Lahiri @SanjeebLahiri :star2:

Our members are the heart and soul of the community. Let’s thank the Champions of community collaboration , participating and helping out a fellow member with their questions.

The Top contributors who helped with most questions are :

Mohan Jacob - @mohanjacob - Barton Trust :pushpin:
Natarajan S @Natarajan PathPartner Technology Private Limited :pushpin:
Sarita Magar @Sarita.Magar Trivium eSolutions Pvt Ltd :pushpin:
Dipak Suradkar @M136 Green Sources Pvt. Ltd :pushpin:

New joiners contributing and participating is such a pleasant sight. Thank you to our new member contributors . Welcome to the community! :bouquet:-

Mohan Jacob @mohanjacob
Harinath Gupta @HarinathGupta
Vishali S @Vishali
Farah Ziya @FarahZiya
Sumit Handa @admin7
Ankita Choudhary @Ankita
Priyadarsini @Priyadar

We thank all you our superstars who made learning and knowledge seeking a better experience for our members. Consistently helping a few members each month.

:superhero: Nithya S - @C0025 |
Arsha Mercy @arshamercy |
Lakshmi Priya @LakshmiPriya.N |
Soma Saha @PCSPL14052 |
Ashish Bhandari @Ashish |
Govardhan @Govardhan | :woman_superhero:

Each and every contributions makes our community smile better each day.

Thank you to each one of you! :writing_hand:

Congratulations and Keep inspiring us! :clap: :clap:


Thank you all! Hope to see you around in the community!