[Winners] Most Valuable Contributors May 2021

Hi All,

Recognition to our Most Valuable Contributors[MVC] in the greytHR Community for May 2021 .

  1. Arpana Yadav - @Arpana - AstorMueller Pvt Ltd [ :stars:]
  2. Ankit Dangi - @Ankit - SenseHR. [ :gem: ]

A first hat-trick for @Arpana, kudos to you and for many more to come :tada:. Our community legend @Ankit makes it 8 on the trot and it only gets better with every interaction :boom:. They are owning the knowledge sharing initiative in incredible ways :handshake:

We have a big enthusiastic group of Newbie contributors in May : Special welcome to you :zap: Shweta Grover @Shwetagrover | Ritika Jain @Ritika | Chandra Roy @HR_123 | Prem @snsprem84 | Jaishree Vignesh @JaishreeVignesh | Manjot Singh @manjot.singh | Pavani Reddy @KKAssociates | Raya Purushotham @Purushotham | Vipula @dynamic09 | Govardhana @Govardhan | Jagadeesh @jagadeesh.r | Sandeep Krishnan @Sandeep.Krishnan
Cheers to New beginnings! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Now claps for the ever consistent amazing members who made our community smile better each day. Thank you to each one of you! :writing_hand:

:superhero: Habeeburahman (@Habeeb ) | Sayali Kothari (@Sayalik ) | Ramesh BV (@Ramesh ) | Sowmya N (@Sowmya.n ) | Sangeetha (@sangeetha ) | Abhilash R (@Abhilash ) | Venkat (@A984SCE ) | Deepti (@Deepti ) | Vidya Mohan @Vidyamohan | Hemant Karmalkar (@sneham95 ) | Rohin Mathews (@Rohin ) | Anamika (@adminKO) | Amruta R (@AmrutaR ) :superhero: :star_struck: :bouquet:

Congratulations to all of you :slight_smile: Keep sharing the knowledge and inspiring us! :clap: :clap:


Our previous winners here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Congratulations @Arpana & get to know lot many things from you.

Congratulations to All because we can see the increased participation of everyone in Forum.

Thanks to greytHR for creating an amazing platform.


HI Community,

Thank you Ankit and Congratulations to you too.

Thank you community for giving us the platform where we can help others.
Many congratulations to all participants in the community.


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