Yearend Proof of Investments for final tax computation


Generally cut off dates for investment proof submission is by end of Feb or by 15th March latest. Can you please best practices to consider investments made or due after cut off date.

  • Either it can be rejected & employees may claim in their personal tax return
  • OR can be considered on declaration basis / or last year proofs (which will be a risk). Is there any specific declaration which can be shared here?

Also whether donations to be considered by employer or to be claimed in personal tax return. Would appreciate if any circular or guidelines in this regards.

Thanks in advance


Hi @sneham95

It depends on the company policies.

But from the employee relations perspective, it is more pleasing to collect the declaration from Employees about future payments and get those remaining documents at a later stage.

I am attaching a reference document that you can use for future payment declarations.

Future Payment Declaration - POI.xlsx (15.0 KB)


Thanks Amith. This is useful.

Thanks again…

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