24Q annexures

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I’m new to working on salary processing section.
I read about 2 Annexures (I and II). How is it important? what points to keep in mind while updating the 24Q forms?


Annexure I - For Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

  • Challan Details:

    1. The serial number of the challan.
    2. BSR (Basis Statistical Returns) code of the branch.,
    3. The date of deposit.
    4. Sum of TDS and interest to be allocated between the deductees.
  • Details of the Deductee:

    1. Employee reference number, if available
    2. Name of Employee
    3. PAN of Employee
    4. Date of Payment
    5. Amount Paid
    6. TDS Amount
    7. TDS Section Code
    8. Education Cess

Annexure II - Q4

Form 24Q of the 4th Quarter (January to March) is crucial. Since the employer or deductor calculates the total tax to be paid by the deductee or employee post which the details of the remuneration is mentioned in the form


We should take below points carefully

1.Update correct PAN/Aadhaar of Deductee so correct income will reported for employee .

2.Proper Income should be reported in annextures or we may get short deduction notice .

  1. Salary Income showed in Form 16 PART A is derived from etds activity so it very important activity with employer prospective
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