[30 Min Live Discussion with Experts] on ‘Ways to ensure positive work culture in your organization’; 3:30 to 4:00PM, Aug 5th, 2022

Positively of course as long as it is tied back to organizational deliverables. It helps attract great talent because of the employer brand, it helps retention because of the pride that it creates in the individual. Great and stable talent pool generally augurs well for organizational growth.


How does a positive work culture affect an employee’s performance?

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Again, positively as long as the focus is on incremental individual performance and providing the right impetus to the employee. Positive work culture is not necessarily comfortable at all times. It should inspire the individual to give their best effort and that is only possible with a healthy level of stretch goals and challenges


What is the importance of a positive work culture?

Have described it above in the previous questions.

How to resolve work conflict productively?

Separate the individual aspects of the conflict from the work aspect. Focus on the bigger picture and organizational context of the conflict. Timely leadership intervention is the final step wherein an executive decision is made to end the deadlock/conflict.


How to improve a team’s creativity and engagement?

Various frameworks are available out there to drive engagement, The Q12 and Stay-Say-Strive are my personal favorites. On creativity, I have seen design thinking workshops driving it to some extent. Celebrating creativity and its business impact is another way to ensure that employees know what it is and how it matters to the business.

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What are the strategies to adopt to prevent burnout in employees?

Which work place culture initiatives take the least amount of time to implement ?

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Which work place culture initiatives take the least amount of time to implement ?

Burnout in employees is not a problem, it needs to be seen as a symptom. A symptom at times of an unrealistic project plan or an uncontrolled cost control mindset or at other times of a lack of effective productivity tracking. So the best strategy is to find out what is causing the burnout and addressing it. All the other measures like wellness initiatives and talks, recovery day off etc. are like putting medical bandages on what essentially is a crack in the dam wall.

  1. Voice of employee Dashboards

  2. Snippets from the organization’s leadership team about what the culture is and why it is important

  3. Reward & Recognition programs based on cultural values