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What is your take on toxic positivity?


You might have seen or heard someone always smiling for no good reason :slight_smile: why smiling because he/she wants to stay positive always. Rarely do they realise that sometimes, sadness, grief is also beneficial for people’s upliftment.

These words might be comforting, but they also highlight an aspect of U.S. culture that can be more harmful than helpful: toxic positivity.

Toxic positivity is shallow. It’s a false reassurance, like someone saying “everything happens for a reason” after your grandmother dies or “everything will work out” after you lose your job and apartment and are forced to relocate.


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We are looking into this aspect. Wanted to know your insights on this-

Will a four-day work week and longer weekend boost employee wellbeing and productivity?


The concept of a four-day workweek has become increasingly popular among top companies. Many companies are rethinking how they work due to COVID-19, and some are considering implementing a four-day workweek. Even the new labour codes have proposed for a 4 day work week.
It may work depending on which industry you cater to. Like in IT, Ed techs it may work but think of educational institutes where we work all 5 days plus on a Saturday. That can be frustrating.
So a 4 day work week is definitely a good thing but managers need to be mindful about not increasing the working hours exuberantly to compensate the same.


Post covid we often hear that one-one support for employees from the HR department is considered very important. What are your thoughts and suggestions?


How often should these activities happen?
(a) employee engagement survey
(b) employee wellness survey
(c) town hall meetings


Ofcourse in this new normal scenerio, there are increasingly more remote workers. Having a face time is a challenge hence many employees may get demotivated. Therefore, HR need to come up with innovative means to maintain that contact and personally know the needs of every employees so that they can cater to. Therefore, HRs need to be a good coach.
One on one support would also make the employees feel a sense of belongingness with the org which otherwise gets lost in a remote scenerio


at least twice a year


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