[30min.’ Live Discussion with Experts] on Make EPF as simple A-B-C; listen to the expert; 5:30PM to 6:00PM, 15th April 2022

Dear Vidyaranjan,

This is in reference to your previous mail. I am extremely apologies to you for not being able to attend the session today.

You request kindly please withdraw my name from the seminar.

Thanks & Regards

Deepika Arya

Executive- HR & Admin at MiClient Private Limited


@adminmiclient.in , Thank you Deepika for writing to us.

No worries and please don’t be apologetic not being able to attend the session. We have it covered.

This LIVE discussion post will be available here for community members to read post the session too. You can login to the community conveniently later and read through the conversations.

In case you had any EPF related questions, please post it below and we can take it up during the LIVE session.


Thanks for arranging this session, it will be very useful. I have a few questions.

Q1: Can the employer provide an option to employees to choose to contribute on Restricted wages(Max contribution of 1800) or on Full wages(12% of basic without any restriction)

Q2: If the answer to the above question is yes, can an employee change the contribution rate later?

Q3: Are there any restrictions on how many times an employee can change this?


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Please share the link to join the live Make EPF as simple A-B-C today at 5:30PM to 6:00PM on 15th April 2022


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Let’s welcome todays expert panel Mr. K Narayana :bouquet: :bouquet:

Mr. K Narayana is one of the most well known experts in this domain and we are honoured by him accepting to be part of this brief session to share his thoughts and knowledge.

Mr. K Narayana has worked for the largest Social Security, Organisation in the world for 25 years along with handling Legal, Compliance and administration. His knowledge and expertise is in various fields like on deputation to tribunal as recovery Officer handling execution of Decrees, as Investigating Officer in Central Bureau of Investigation to mention a few.

His understanding of Legal and Compliance is vast spanning 36 years in the domain. He is one of the best minds in the understanding of various domains. Mr. K Narayana currently practices as an Advocate and Insolvency professional.

His all round knowledge and the way of simple explanation makes him one of the most listened speakers always.

We humbly welcome you to the session!

We also open the session for questions after this post at 5.30 P.M


Hi Narayana sir,

From an organization’s perspective, what are the critically essential documents / records that has to be maintained on a regular basis for the compliance of EPF?


how to attend the session ? Which is the link ?


This is a live chat session. You are already in the chat session.


Apologies for the delay in the session. We are facing some technical issues in the background.

We will be back as soon as we fix them.

Thanks for understanding.

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There are no documents prescribed under EPF &MP Act 1952 other than the prescribed returns. However all the relevant documents relating to salary and wages and attendance are crucial to decide on the amounts of contributions payable and paid.


If an employee carries more than one UAN, and joins another organization, should the employer remit the contributions to the latest UAN? What are the remedial actions required in such a scenario from the employee and the current employer?



Using the link Direct UAN allotment by employees, individual employee can generate UAN. However, how he/she can map the PF number to that UAN. So that the employee can initiate EPF transfer /withdrawal.



Yes the employees should contribute in the latest UAN. Get the balance in the other UAN transferred to the latest UAN and request for cancellation of duplicate UAN


What are the most common disputes/litigations relating to EPF, Pensions schemes or the EDLI?


For how many years one can keep his PF Money in PF Fund after retirement and will eligible t earn interest ?


Eligibility for membership

Splitting of Salary/Wages

Compliance in respect of Contract/temporary/casual workers

For EDLI the fact of Death in service.


How to transfer the PF contributions from OLD UAN to NEW UAN in case an employee has dual UAN numbers.


How do an employee opt out of EPF if he/she falls above the cap Rs 15,000?