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As per the Shops & Establishment Act in Karnataka, they are looking only at Earned Leave and Sick Leave. In our establishment we have SL-6 days, EL-12 Days and CL-6 Days. Will this be in compliance with the industry standards?
We work Mondays to Fridays only, i.e. 5 days work/per week.


Our Organisation is based at Hyderabad we have CL 08 Days, SL 08 Days and EL 10 Days and work 05 day week.

My query is regarding the Staff who travel on official work:

If a Staff is on official travel continuously for minimum of two weeks, can the Week off days (Sat & Sundays) be compensated. Asking this query as some Staff are recruited to work on Field as and when the work demands (also apart from salary, travel costs, food etc are reimbursed).

Our previous experience was by compensating weekoffs & holidays such staff have accumulated their eligible leaves.



After Covid emerged, we clubbed all leave types into Single leave type called “Paid Leave”
So now, instead of 12 AL, 6 SL, 4 CL, we now grant 22 PL. Is that okay?



In my opinion, that may not be a great idea. It would be better to have the leave benefits segregated.

Balance Sick Leave can be carried forward for the next 3 years

Balance Earned/Paid Leave can be carried forwarded, any leave over and above 30 days will be automatically reimbursed by Payroll

Casual Leave to be availed within the same Calendar or Financial Year, whichever you follow.

First two are statutory requirement/compliance.

Just my thought


Hi Panel Experts,

What is your views on new leave types like Uncapped Sick leave, Leave sharing, Family leave( to support a sick family member) etc.?


I have the following queries pertaining to Earned Leave (EL) for organisations falling under ‘Karnataka Shops & Commercial Establishments Act’:

  1. Can organisations cap carry forward of EL year on year to reduce accumulation / encashment of un-used EL? Also, in Karnataka, the max. accumulation of EL was enhanced from 31 to 45 in 2021. How can we ensure compliance while also keeping our EL accrual costs low? For instance if employees are allowed to either utilise EL or encash un-used EL at the end of every calendar year and there is a cap on the max. carry forward to the next year, will this be considered as being compliant?
  2. Is EL encashment to be made on Basic Salary or Gross salary?
  3. During the COVID lockdowns and thereafter, many of our employees were unable to actually work from home due to the nature of their duties (e.g. Store keepers, Technicians, drivers, etc.) and we had paid full salary to them. Neither were employees able to utilise their EL. In such a scenario, can the organisations tweak their leave policies and lapse un-used EL at the end of the given year with prior communication to employees?

Dear Experts,

How important is it to restructure your leave policies to ensure that it suits your employee requirement in the current situation to stay relevant?


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Dear panelists,

We have this question.

As the pandemic has forced employees to work remotely and there is no scope for vacations, many employees don’t take leave and plan to encash them at the end of the year which becomes a huge financial burden on the employer. How do we manage this and create a win-win situation?


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The first question to be answered would be

How important is it to restructure your leave policies to ensure that it suits your employee requirement in the current situation to stay relevant?


Well, many companies have extended the leave to get it accumulated to an extent so that when things are normal employee can avail / go on vacation, at the same time in normal cases it is compulsory for employees to avail 50% EL else it will lapse.


Leave policy may need to be relooked at, basis Organizational redesign keeping in mind the Future of Work.
Today, organisations have started to introduce new workforce categories. The concept of liquid workforce or hybrid workforce or gig workforce.
Keeping this emerging category leave policy may need to be tweeked.

  1. A mandatory week off is to be given.
  2. For working on week off day (say Sunday), a comp-off need to be given in the next 3 days prior or post to such a day.

Seems ok. Do keep a separate look at SL. Rest also depends how big your company is.

Thank You!!


Allow them to encash upto 50% of the annual entitlement & balance would need to be utilized else it would lapse at the end of each year.


Hi Experts,

We would like to know-

How can the Leave Policy of an organization directly impact employee retention?


No, you have to abide by the relevant state’s S&E Act under which your Establishment is registered. If it allows so, then it is ok. Else, you need to keep it bifurcated as prescribed in the Act.


Dear experts,

We have a situation-

After Covid emerged, we clubbed all leave types into Single leave type called “Paid Leave” So now, instead of 12 AL, 6 SL, 4 CL, we now grant 22 PL. Is that okay?