5 areas that HR's must get right!

You may have noticed that HR is in the midst of a major transformation. Its trend to become employee-centric while at the same time enabling the business to meet its objectives has necessitated the emergence of HR leaders who can wear multiple hats and construct teams of various specialists that can be deployed on a wide variety of projects. Like before, today’s versatile HR teams are charged with delivering targeted services faster, more efficiently, and effectively, but to an employee population that will be more diverse and more geographically dispersed than at any other point in history.

Here are five key areas that today’s employee-centric HR organizations are focusing on:

  1. Talent:- Regardless of industry or organizational reputation, talent is at the heart of today’s HR services. With high-performing employees having more options (both within their home country and outside of), we’re finding many companies are putting a lot of resources and effort into developing robust talent strategies.

  2. Learning: - Top HR leaders are already creating learning initiatives that dispel the stereotype of boring, lecture-led mandatory “training programs” of the past and instead are creating systems and programs that can address the varied needs of their employee base–which means one size does not fit all.

  3. Employee engagement and culture: - We’ve all heard the growing trend that says a lot of organizations are doing away with the rigid annual performance review, where for a brief moment employees are allowed to discuss their career aspirations. We’re seeing companies move towards more frequent and open discussions where the employee contributes as much as the manager.

  4. Wellness: - From decreased healthcare costs to increased productivity, the benefits of Wellness programs are widely known. An overworked, unhealthy workforce leads to a less productive one. HR leaders are realizing the impact that a proper wellness program has on engagement as well as retention.

  5. Technology: - If talent is sitting at the heart of today’s HR services, then technology is seated just beside it. Technology has impacted the entire employee lifecycle within an organization, from talent acquisition to employee engagement and retention. These changes have only propelled HR to become a more strategic and analytical business partner with the capability and tools to focus on organizational performance.

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