Attendance Calculation For The Period Of 26/25-Every Month

We are counting the attendance for the period of 26 to 25 every month. But i do have one question ,

  1. for the May attendance we calculated from April 26 to may 25 i.e 30 days

  2. for the month of June, we calculated from may 26 to jun25 i.e 31 days. but as per records we have to show May 31 days and June 30 days only.

so, can we count the days like April 26 to may26 for May and may27 to jun25 ???

Previously my company also flows the same pattern of salary cycle. Whenever such type of situation arises we include 27th day of month so that it get will get adjusted with the law also. Means for the month of may salary i.e. from 26 June to 26 May total 31 days. And for the salary of June - 27 May to 25 June total day for the month of June salary will be 30. I think that this will solve your problem and company also not fall under any legal trap.

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