Loss of pay calculation


Can some one let me know if the loss of pay calculation is to be on the no. of working days in a month or the calendar month?


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It should be the calendar month as employees are paid for the weekly off days also.

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Hi Sarita

LOP to be calculated on the calender days only

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Calculate 1 day salary as per the number of days in the month and multiply with the number of absent days. That amount will be the amount of LOP.

In the month of April 2022 if the employee is absent for 5 days. Then first of all deduct the CL as per your company policy. Suppose in your company, employee gets 2 CL in a month. Then 5-2=3 days will be for LOP.
If his salary is 30000 per month. Then LOP amount will be calculated as follows:-

3000 will be deducted from his salary.