Bonus payment records to maintain


When having to pay bonus what are the records needed to be maintained for it?

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Hi Prabha,

With regard to statutory bonus, as per the Payment of Bonus Act, and the Rules,

Rule 4: Maintenance of registers-
Every employer shall prepare and maintain the following registers, namely:-
(a) a register showing the computation of the allocable surplus referred to in clause (4) of section 2, in form A:
(b) a register showing the set-on and set-off of the allocable surplus, under section 15, in form B.
(c) a register showing the details of the amount of bonus due to each of the employees, the deductions under sections 17 and 18 and the amount actually disbursed, in Form C.

Rule 5. Annual return- Every employer shall, on or before the 1st day of February in each year, upload unified annual return in Form D on the web portal of the Central Government in the Ministry of Labour and Employment giving information as to the particulars specified in respect of the preceding year:
Provided that during inspection, the inspector may require the production of accounts, books, registers and other documents maintained in electronic form or otherwise.

Bhuvana Anand

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