Can an employee refuse to be transferred?

Can an employee refuse to be transferred from one profile to another profile ?


Yes, employee can sometime refuse to get transferred to another profile provided it was informed to him prior regarding transfer on certain conditions.


Transfer is an incidence of service. It is the managerial prerogative of an employer to decide who is to work, when, where and how long in the interest of the work of the organization. Therefore, an employee cannot refuse the orders of his transfer from one place to another citing his personal inconveniences. If he does so it would amount to insubordination which can well be visited with the extreme punishment of dismissal from service after initiation of a due process of disciplinary action.

However, there are certain exceptions to the general legal position described above:
a) The transfer should not be a colorable exercise of power so as to victimize an unwanted employee
b) The transfer should not affect the pay, perks and status of employment of the transferee.


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