Can we include Bonus in monthly salary structure.

  1. Any new company will be exempted from paying Bonus for first 5 Years?
  2. if yes, and 6th year onwards if company is not paying the bonus, it will be adjusted and shown as monthly bonus paid by revising the pay structure.
  3. If pay structure is changed mentioning the Bonus include, do we need to issue a revised Salary annexure
  4. And will that Bonus attract the PF or ESIC deduction?

Hi Sony,
You can get some info from below details for your questions:

  1. Yes, but until if there are no profits for 5 years. Any year in 5years if company shows profits in Balance sheet, Bonus is applicable from that year.
  2. Pay structure should be revised if you pay Bonus either monthly or yearly.
  3. Yes, so that employees will be notified.
  4. No.