Children Education, Hostel tax exemption


Are there exemption for any spending on children education and Hostel?

Please share details.


Yes @MadhuP1

There are children Tuition Fees Exemption and that covers the same hostel expenses too.

There are eligibility criteria to exempt the same via employer and the upper limit too. Do check once with your employer on the same.

To know more: Till which age / Grade of a child, the education allowance is allowed? - #2 by I_am_the_Cosmos

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If you are receiving children education allowance from your employer then you are eligible to claim a tax exemption under the Income-tax Act. However, the maximum amount exempted is Rs. 100 per month or Rs. 1200 per annum for a maximum of up to 2 children.

Similarly, any hostel expenditure allowance received by you for your children from an employer is eligible for exemption up to Rs. 300 per month or Rs. 3600 per annum for maximum up to 2 children.

Along with this, you can also claim deductions for actual school fees paid for your children under section 80C.


Salaried individuals working in India and receiving Children Education Allowance as part of their salary structure are allowed to claim tax exemption on the following expenses:

Children edcuation allowance - Rs 100/month up to 2 children
Hostel expenditure allowance -Rs 300/ month up to 2 children

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