Tax benefits on school college fees


Is all schools and colleges eligible and what payments paid included for claiming deductions on tuition fees ?


If you are paying tuition fees for your child at the time of admission or anytime during the financial year to any college, registered university, educational institution or school, you are eligible to receive tax benefits. You must enroll your child in a full-time education program, including any pre-nursery, nursery classes and play school activities. Moreover, the institution can be either government sponsored or a private one.

This deduction is available only to an individual parent or guardian or sponsor. The deduction is available to a maximum of 2 children for each individual. Therefore, a maximum of 4 children’s deduction can be claimed, i.e. 2 by each parent.

The eligible payments
Fees paid in respect of following only will be allowed as deduction :
Play school fees
pre nursery fees
Nursery class and higher classes fees
University, college or other educational institution fees.


So in case of both working parents, which parent would get the tax benefit?

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anyone only.
Thank you