Claiming 80G in Form 16


As per my understanding any donation made to funds which have a maximum limit of 10% of Gross Total Income, deductions in such cases cannot be claimed through employer. Employee can only show them while filing return. Is this correct? Does anyone have any document/notification to support this?

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From FY2122 the 80G receipt given by the Donee is no longer valid. At the end of the FY, the Donee intuition has to file details of all donations in form 10BD.

After this the Donee institution is also required to issue each Donor a certificate in form 10BE. The donations details will be auto populated in the Donees ITR

So, the employee will need to claim deduction while filing rebate.

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i Suggest Dinesh of Greythr to disable the 80G as it is difficult for the employer to check whether it is 20 or 100% . so we are telling in our company that all donation needs to be claimed by the employee while filing return

secondly i also suggest Dinesh to remove 80TTA rebate on interest income.
as many of our employees are only keying in this rebate amount but not the income.
Rebate can only be claimed if they enter Income also…

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