Conflict of Interest and Personal Relationship Policy

Kindly let me know as to what India labor law says on employing family relations. Our policy covers all functions and geographies asking to declare in the event such cases are reported… except in those locations where such a policy or request for declaration is prohibited by law. Since India is a new site for us, wanted to check if Indian law prohibits declaring this?


Hey @arshamercy,

The Indian employment/labor laws are silent about this. The common industry practice in India is asking the employee at the time of interview/joining report to fill the employment form that also contains a brief declaration about any relatives / acquaintance working in the same organization. The intent of seeking such declaration is predominantly to evaluate the conflict of interest/likelihood of bias; as far as I know, there is no explicit prohibition on seeking such declaration from the employee.

Expert courtesy to Bhuvana Anand

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Thank you & Appreciate your time @Kaulin and @Bhuvana_Anand for sharing the details on law.