Domain Change From I.T To H.R

Switch over to HR field. Is it possible to switch over now? If possible, how should someone construct the resume?

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Now you want to make a foray into HR with engineering back ground. thus you are pitted against those with hard core HR experience.I think you should start afresh all over again. however if you are clear about your switch over, you can still make it.First focus on recruitment jobs in I.T sector.However You need to cleverly design your CV.Since you have on hand experience of I.T jobs, your CV shall reflect your knowledge of job profile of various I.T jobs and the knowledge of skill sets required for such jobs and how such knowledge helps you in identifying right man for right job. after some experience with recruitment try to get into HR generalist profile.

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Any switch can be done in life and be sucessful in it if you are just passionate enough for it.