eligibility for LTA


Related to LTA-LTC allowance,

Are all employees eligible for LTA allowance grant by employers?
Can flexible allowances in payslip be considered a form of LTA-LTC allowances?

please clear



yes all employees are eligible for LTA grant by employers. Felxible allowances cannot be considered as a form of LTA


Hi @Sandeep_G

LTA is part of the income tax act and every citizen is eligible for the same, however people in the tax bracket will get more benefitted from twice in a block of 04 years.

There are various rules governing this and every org. finance dept. also can have their own set of guidelines for the same in addition to the central act.

But do remember this slightly different form the flexible benefit / allowances offered in the payslip likely food coupons - telephone reimb etc.,

Do let me know if you have any queries on the same.

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