Employee compensation wages


Has the employee’s compensation wages changed?
Or revised recently or it is revising in the upcoming code of wages? Last known information was it was 8000 to 15000.

Please share details.


Monthly wages under Employees Compensation Act as per Section 4 is revised to Rs.15000/- from existing Rs.8000/- .This will be effective from 3rd January,2020.

It means the calculation for compensation,in case of fatalities or disability of covered employees, will be fifty percent of Rs.15,000/- in place of Rs.8000/-

Before 2010, Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923 was known as Workmen’s Compensation Act. It provides for compensation to an employee who dies or suffers partial or total disablement due to accident on duty. The compensation has to be paid by the employers. An employee cannot claim compensation under the Act if he/she is already entitled to compensation from ESIC. More here.

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