Esic refund after quitting my job

Recently in a private hospital surgery was happened to me…now I need to refund all those money from esic but 4 months back I quit my job now I am not contributing to the esi any more

For getting refund esic management asked me form 37 from my office

The question is
the office not provideing the 37 form due to resignation …how should I proceed now


I understand your situation, and I’d like to clarify some aspects regarding ESIC policies. Firstly, ESIC functions differently from a typical mediclaim policy. ESIC follows specific rules and regulations, and reimbursement is subject to these guidelines.

If ESIC referred you to a private hospital for your surgery, reimbursement may be possible under certain circumstances. However, ESIC will only cover expenses if they referred you to the private hospital. Without their referral, reimbursement may not be applicable. Hope this will help you.

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Hi Rajesh,

In the first place, you will have an ESI allotted number as Insured person. It is the duty of the employer to provide these details to the employees who come within the ambit of ESI benefits.

Please get that and you can sign up and login into your ESIC IP portal (for employees) to find out your insurance claim period and the benefits that you can avail (entitled for) within this time frame.
In case you come within the eligible claim period, you can ask the employer stating those details and insist for the form to be cleared.

Bhuvana Anand

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