Festival holidays and leave according to Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central Rules,1946

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Festival holidays and leave.–(a) There shall be seven paid festival holidays or as laid down in an agreement or an award in force. Out of these seven days, the Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday shall be allowed without option and the rest of the days shall be fixed by agreement or local custom. Whenever a workman has to work on any of these holidays, he shall, at his option be entitled to either thrice the wages for the day or twice the wages for the day on which he work and in addition to avail himself of a substituted holiday with wages on any other day or as laid down in an agreement or an award in force.

The Central Government recently issued the Draft Industrial Relation (Central) Rules, 2020 to amend the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central Rules,1946.

A few provisions have been made, some of them are

The definition of the worker.
The definition of industry.
The definition of the strike.
The definition of the employer
Details on Workman, Wages, Shift working, Attendance, Festival holidays and leave, Termination of services, Disciplinary action for misconduct and many more.

more details INDUSTRIALEMPLOYMENT(STANDINGORDERS)1CENTRALRULES1946.pdf (192.9 KB) in the attached file.



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