Form 16 and Payslip

Dear Community,

As GreyttHR system has the provision, we email the payslips and Form 16 to our employees to their official email IDs with digital signature. We always instruct, even in onboarding to download these Form 16 and payslips for their future reference.

However if employee leaves (s)he cannot access GreytHR nor have access to company email IDs. In that case if ex-employee asks for Form16 and payslips to send again, what’s the compliance norm? Can company send the Form 16 and payslips again?


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@shefalipatil There is no problem in sharing the Payslip and Form 16 again with the employees. Since you are sharing the information with the employee himself there will not be any compliance related to this.


It is the duty of the employees to take care of the documents issued. Employer is not bound to service such requests (not suggesting to deny such requests). For genuine requests, usually HR shares the copies of such documents. However if such requirements are more, it can grab a lot of transaction time from HR.

Probably you may emphasis this aspect at the time of onboarding and separation so that most employees take care of their documents. Also you may instruct them to download payslips and form 16 like documents and keep in cloud space (Google drive for example) for future use.


Yes Shefali we can send the Form 16 and Payslips again


Thanks, @amiths, @Sree, and @C0025 !