Fun at work- Employee Engagement Activities

Hi Team,

We are planning to conduct a bunch of employee engagement activities for the festival and celebrations season

Since it is all WFH & indoors , opting activities which should work out for participation for all is a big task.

Please guide us some indoor and online/live activities which can be conducted to celebrate have fun, develop employee morale and interaction with each other.

Please share some interesting ideas which works easily.

Have a good weekend as well!




This is a good discussion.

Some are common ones we have attempted from the list and in the links

Online board games
Gaming session
Karaoke sessions.

There are a few good suggestions in the link here and here, also this one

Lot of ideas around

More ideas the community can add on…


Hi @RamyaV

Considering the current situtation, there are lot of online events that companies are focusing to keep up the employee engagement and give employees a break from the long working hours at home.

Some of them are:

  • Online Art Competition
  • Puzzle games using online apps
  • Quiz / Bug bounties
  • Group video call activities with some fun games
  • Bun eating erc
  • Word puzzzle
  • Logical arrangements

which are some of the common examples which are app friendly and easy to use :slight_smile:


Hi @RamyaV,

We have conducted a lot of fun @ work sessions which you can try it in your organization

  1. Online Uno
  2. Crossword challenge
  3. Fun with words (word play)
  4. Scrabble tournament
  5. Chess tournament
  6. Treasure hunt
  7. Crack the code (puzzle)
  8. Online Pictionary
  9. Bollywood quiz challenge

10 . Team Jigsaw competition
11. Funky Mask challenge (designing your own mask)


Hi All,

Good Evening!

Even we are planning to conduct some online fun activities to engage with employees at lease monthly once.

Because of this Pandemic situation we all WFH, so please do suggest some ideas that how can i take this forward and some online fun activities to engage around 50 members.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @RamyaV,

We have conducted a few fun activities, you can try these.

  1. Who is this Cutie Pie - Employees Childhood Pics

  2. Pictionary

  3. Advertise Slogan - Employee has to guess Product name, Can be vise versa

  4. English Lyrics - Guess the Hindi Song

  5. Get the 5 things in Red color in 20 seconds. (Can choose any color), Or get the thing which has shapes like square, rectangle, etc…

  6. Dumb charades

  7. Quiz - GK

  8. Best Picture - Male and Female Employee



Wow @Ayesha Really cool ideas :slight_smile: @Umair We should also copy some of them :slight_smile:


@Dinesh Yes, they are. We can do it in the near future :slightly_smiling_face:

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