Gen Z Workers Are 1.3 Times More Likely Than Gen X To Learn AI Skills!

LinkedIn launched its latest Future of Work: State of AI @ Work report. Findings reveal that global AI conversations shot up by a solid 70% from Dec 2022 to Sep 2023, while applications to AI and AI-related job postings increased by 11% globally and 5.6% in India.

AI skilled workforce in demand: AI’s growing importance has led to a greater adoption of the technology at work, resulting in an increased need for AI talent. Industries in India that are seeing the greatest demand for individuals with AI skills include Professional Services, Technology, Information and Media, and Financial Services.

AI accelerates workforce learning; India’s Gen Z workers are catching up fast: Professionals across the world are already investing in AI skills, with a nearly 80% increase in members watching AI-related courses on LinkedIn Learning this quarter. In India, preferred skills among learners vary across generations: while Gen Z are learning digital skills like Programming Languages, Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, millennials and Gen X are investing in soft skills like Leadership and Management, Personal Effectiveness, and Personal Development. India’s Gen Z professionals are the most interested in acquiring AI skills than their older counterparts – 1.3x more than Gen X and 2.4x more than Baby Boomers. In fact, India’s Gen Z spend 73% more time learning on LinkedIn compared to other generations.

Balancing AI skills with people skills is critical to career growth: With AI taking over routine tasks, professionals have the opportunity to focus on other types of meaningful and creative work requiring soft skills that only people have. Data shows that across APAC, tech professionals who have developed one or more soft skills – in addition to hard skills – get promoted over 13% faster than employees who only have hard skills. In India, the most demanded soft skills by AI and AI-related job postings include communication, analytical skills, and sales.

Integration of AI at work will create space for hybrid jobs: Developments in Generative AI offer a massive opportunity to break down barriers across cultures, geographies and industries. This can widen the scope for hybrid work settings – an expectation amongst the majority of workers today. Organisations are already responding to the demand for flexibility, with hybrid job posts in India up from 13.2% in August 2022 to 20.1% in August 2023.

Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager, LinkedIn India, says, “Moving into 2024, we’re witnessing a workplace transformation led by AI that is similar to the growth fueled by the internet in the '90s. Only this time, it isn’t just about adopting new technology but making a deeper shift in our work culture for both - professionals and businesses. Upskilling is no longer just an option; it’s imperative, with a renewed focus on cultivating vital human skills like leadership and problem-solving to harness AI’s full potential. Going forward, the success of businesses will hinge on their ability to adapt, innovate, and champion an inclusive culture with learning at the core, ensuring they’re not just participants but leaders in the future of work.”

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