greytHR Certified Professional - Level 1

greytHR Certified Professional- Level 1 course provides an introduction to HR & Payroll industry.
The course is certified by greytHR Academy.

The greytHR Exclusive Certification Training Program is specially designed for our Greytip customers which is spread across 4 days.

The course is conducted as a blended learning course consisting of greytHR application training and e-learning courses on HR and Payroll concepts.

FAQ’s :

  1. Who can join greytHR L1 course?
    Ans: Anyone who is interested to learn and gain knowledge about HR & Payroll as a domain can join this course.

  2. What do I learn through online courses?
    Ans: At greytHR L1 course, the participants gain an overview of HR & Payroll functions carried
    out in an organization at the beginner level through our online courses which can be easily
    accessed via our LMS (Learning Management System).

  3. What do I learn in the Instructor led sessions?
    Ans: At greytHR L1 course, the Instructor Led (ILT) sessions are the live training sessions which
    are conducted by our Product trainers to help you get hands-on experience using greytHR
    application to perform various HR & Payroll functions of an organization. The live training
    sessions are also followed by Q&A and doubts clarification session.

  4. Is it mandatory to attend the greytHR L1 course to get the certificate?
    Ans: Yes. Because the certification is awarded to learners scoring more than 80% in the
    assessment based on the course content.

  5. Can I attend only online courses (e-Learning courses) and get the certificate?
    Ans: Yes, however please note the certificate is issued on basis of your performance (min. score
    of 80%) in the final assessment. Also, the final assessment questionnaire is designed to assess
    the participants knowledge on both - HR & Payroll as a domain and functions of greytHR. If you
    are well versed with greytHR application and confident of clearing the assessment, you can take the final assessment after completing the online courses.

  6. I have not subscribed for Payroll module of greytHR. Am I supposed to attend Payroll
    training and Assessment?
    Ans: Yes. It will be useful for you to gain knowledge about the payroll processing function which can be applied in future.

  7. What is the benefit of certificate issued by greytHR Academy?
    Ans: It is a certificate which confirms your knowledge and ability to perform HR and Payroll
    functions using greytHR application. This will be useful for your career progression.

  8. Is it a paid course?
    Ans: It is offered free of cost to all greytHR customers and associates.

  9. Is the certificate issued only for participation?
    Ans: No, it is a course completion certificate issued by greytHR Academy based on participants
    performance throughout the course duration.

  10. Is it mandatory to take up Pre-Assessment?
    Ans: Yes

  11. What if I do not score 80% in the final assessment?
    Ans: If the participant fails to score minimum of 80% in the final assessment, you can take up the reassessment. However, the training is provided only for the first attempt.

  12. Due to busy work schedule, I may not be able to attend live sessions. Can I go through the
    recorded sessions and attend the final assessment?
    Ans: Yes, in any case please ensure you score minimum of 80% to get certified from greytHR

  13. Is there Level 2 certification?
    Ans: Yes. You can access our next level courses i.e., greytHR Certified Professional Level 2
    (greytHR L2) through various online learning platforms of greytHR.

  14. How is Greytip benefited through the course?
    Ans: Greytip wishes to build a community of professionals in the field of HR and Payroll. These
    courses are meant for supporting our customers and associates to provide their employees with better domain knowledge and skills.

Download the pdf below to read more faq’s about this course:
FAQ’s_greytHR L1 Course.pdf (188.6 KB)


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