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Off the job training method includes:
  • a. Vestibule training
  • b. Syndicate
  • c. Sensitivity training
  • d. All of these
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10 Simulation technique of off the job method includes:
  • a. Role playing
  • b. In-basket exercise
  • c. Case study
  • d. Management game
  • e. All of these
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Relative worth of a job is known by
  • a. Job design
  • b. Job analysis
  • c. Job evaluation
  • d. Job change
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Quantitative job evaluation method are
  • a. Ranking method
  • b. Point rating method
  • c. Factor comparison method
  • d. Both (b) and (c)
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Guidelines and rules:

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  • Contest will be open for 4 hours (From 10 am to 2 pm) (Monday to Friday) (Once a month).
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  • Any submissions after 2 pm will be considered null and void.
  • The member who gives the highest number of correct answers in the whole week gets the bumper prize.
  • Post-contest, results will be announced by the following Monday.
  • Goodies/Vouchers whichever are selected for winners will be at the company’s sole discretion.

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