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Human resource management is amalgam of -
  • a. Job analysis, recruitment and selection
  • b. Social behavior and business ethics
  • c. Organizational behavior, personal management and industrial relation
  • d. Employer and employees
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Planning, organizing and controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration of human resources to the end that objectives of individual, organisation and society are achieved given by
  • a. Storey
  • b. Flippo
  • c. Vetter
  • d. F.W. Taylor
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Which of the following statement is/are correct?
  • a. HRM is a strategic management function
  • b. Under HRM employees are treated as resource
  • c. HRM is the management of skills, talent and abilities
  • d. HRM lacks the organization to achieve its goals
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On the job training includes -
  • a. Coaching
  • b. Conference
  • c. Understudy
  • d. All of these
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