Hard Copy Proof for Travel Expense Claims

Hi Team ,

Is it mandatory to collect hard copies of bill for travel expense claims or we can manage through soft copies ??


It is advised to collect original bills for Travel Expense Reimbursement.


Hi @Abhi9959

It’s always advised to collect hard copies as repository as there is no amendment that says soft copies are fine for inspection especially with respect to Travel / Reimbursement.

So, it’s always primarily important to collect the hard copies - but for convenience and approvals soft copies can be used.

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Soft copies are OK and much practical. The employer needs to satisfy all the conditions as laid down under Income Tax and deduct TDS accordingly. The Supreme court judgement also says that employee themselves are responsible to keep records of all claims being made in ITR and company will not be responsible to keep and track of these records for future reference. The company however needs to have due diligence when processing accounting for Expenses/ClaimsTDS/Income Tax compliances.

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