Holiday Set-up

Hello wonderful people…

I have a concern,

previous years what we do is to put 9 holidays per state depending on the holiday list and put 3 days as restricted, application depending on the employee.

now, a line manager suggested that 4 will be mandatory holidays and the 8 days will be restricted,

can you share the pros and cons that you see on this proposal and also with the previous one?

appreciate your revert. :slight_smile:


Hi Ludy,

It is actually like this… There should be a total of 13 holidays in a year. Out of which 4 are Restricted Holidays & 9 are state specific holidays which we can choose from state govt approved holiday list in accordance to your organizational needs… Also, these 9 days should fall on a working day. If it falls on a Sunday, it is not accepted.

the 4 Restricted Holidays are Jan 26, May 01, Aug 15 & Oct 02.

Once this is finalized, it should be given to the labour officer. He will review it and send a Form 3 which is to be displayed in your notice board for any objections/suggestions for 10 days.

Please do call me in case you have any doubts.

Thanks and regards,

Anand C


thank you for this. @payofkoc ,

One more question.

Is an employee entitled for a holiday pay, if the employee worked during a public holiday declared by the government but was not part of the holiday list of the company?



Hi @Ludy,

If the employee works on a public holiday, even though it is not declared by the company, we will need to pay him double the pay i.e. one Comp_Off and one day’s pay. So, he will get paid for 2 days.

Thanks and regards,

Anand C