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I am creating a HR Handbook which consists of HR Policies & Procedures. Do we need to mention Procedures also in the Handbook. Procedures as in For example how the recruitment process in our company goes etc., Each and every policy is very lenghty in such case how to add every policy in the handbook.


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We have taken note of this query and shared it with our HR team who are the right people to answer this. Once we get back some response will share that with you. Expect a response maximum by coming Tuesday. Hope this helps.

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Handbook is a reference to the employee, so only policy with the objective , scope , and short process of whom to contact, what template to be filled, authorized signatory etc can be shared. There could be internal guidelines (procedures) for the respective dept./area of HR.

for example - hiring process is an internal workflow that is relevant for the HR/Recruitment team and hiring manager. it need not be part of the handbook. A RASCI chart will be a good addition for every policy.

Geeta Goti

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Okay Got it…Thank you…

But every policy is very lengthy, example leave policy contains 3 pages, attendance policy contains 3 pages and POSH contains 5 pages so how to include the complete polices in the Handbook.

Do we need to cut short the polices and include only important points in the HandBook.

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Thanks for the kind update.



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You can use brief statements and pictorial designs which will not only look attractive but will also help to keep the content short and simple.