India’s Changing Recruitment Landscape: Tech Adoption Booms, Diversity Efforts Gain Traction!

In 2023, recruiters are dealing with various challenges, and the main one is finding the right candidate, as 52.30 percent of recruiters mentioned. This shows the ongoing difficulty in finding highly qualified individuals for job positions. Additionally, 40.23 percent of recruiters face the challenge of managing competing job offers, indicating that the job market is highly competitive. Another concern for 33.33 percent of recruiters is finding cost-effective ways to recruit, underlining the importance of using resources efficiently. While candidate engagement is not currently seen as a big challenge, there is an expected shift in focus for 2024, with concerns like insufficient workforce, time to hire, and cost of hire coming to the forefront.

Regarding sourcing candidates, 43.41 percent of recruiters find it challenging to handle various sourcing platforms, emphasizing the complexity of managing diverse channels. Similarly, an equivalent percentage faces issues with irrelevant search results and in identifying candidates actively seeking employment, underscoring the need for a more efficient process. Additionally, 42.31 percent struggle with the impact of competing offers, reflecting the intensely competitive job market. Whereas 28.02% of recruiters feel capturing candidate interest is a challenge, and 21.98% feel candidate engagement is another challenge.

In shortlisting candidates, incorrect contact information and inadequate educational and professional details are top challenges. Shortlisting across platforms, filtering by skillset, and the time-consuming nature rank as additional hurdles. While in candidate engagement, the top challenge is managing communication across multiple platforms, underscoring the need for streamlined communication channels. Another closely followed issue is the need for consistent follow-ups to generate interest ranking as the third challenge. Furthermore, the lack of personalization in outreach efforts is another concern, emphasizing the need for streamlined and personalized approaches.

Data-Driven Recruitment: Organisations Invest in Tech to Streamline Hiring

The survey underscores organizations’ widespread adoption of diverse recruitment technologies, revealing the prominence of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), favored by 46 percent of recruiters. Complementary technologies include Candidate Sourcing Software (32%), which facilitates the identification of potential candidates across various platforms, and Interview Scheduling Tools (33.19%). The survey highlights the prevalence of additional tools, including Candidate Insight Tracking (28%), Advanced Smart Filters for Candidate Shortlisting (30%), and Candidate Assessment Tools (32%) for comprehensive candidate evaluation. Beyond these essentials, recruiters are exploring more specialized technologies such as Candidate Experience Rating/Commenting Tools (23%) to refine processes based on applicant feedback and Candidate Relation Management/Engagement Tools (11.5%) to foster meaningful connections through email and social media.

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