International Worker compliance

For International worker, EPS Wages should be “0” and EDLI Wages should be less than INR 15k.

However, than how will Employer Contribution to PF be equal to Employee contribution to PF.

As Employee Contribution is payable @12% on Gross Wages. This issue we are facing while creating and paying challan for PF. Also what are the compliances that we need to meet for IW and is there any specific URL for this?


Hi @megha

Resharing what our user @amiths has shared in another conversation.

PF contributions:
For international employees, PF contribution will be on the Full wages(Gross salary) and not on Basic salary.
The percentage remains the same for both Employee and Employer contributions.

Making payment in USD to employees should not be a problem, but from a larger perspective, we have to see the employee residential status and tax implications thereon.

To know more: International Employees Procedures

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