Joining Live Session

How to join the session? Please guide

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Thank you for your interest in the session.

Community LIVE is simple. No extra Registration. No Extra Links to travel around. Be online in the community on this discussion thread

This LIVE session doesn’t need the attendee to register on a link. This community thread we are replying to will get converted to the [LIVE discussion ] post during the session today evening.

In case you have any questions related to the topic, please post below, I will ask the expert to answer them during the session.

When the session begins today at 3:30PM to 4:00PM on 5th Aug 2022, be online in the community and you will be able to see the expert answers the questions here.

Not to worry, in case you can’t attend it today, you will get notified on the questions also and the post will be available for reading post session too.

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