Keeping a track of Financial Commitments towards the end of financial year

Hi All,

Question related to investment proof submission.

How do we check how much we have already contributed or need to contribute towards existing commitments this financial year?

Is there a guide/ways to share, so it becomes easy to track for employees

Please advise.



Hi @RamyaV

There are no standard ways in which you can do this. In the IT declaration form keep a track of the commitments that you’ve mentioned as savings and submitted to the employer.

Every 3 months do check and see if you can still achieve the same, else it’s better to revise the IT savings and start paying IT from the same month instead of last minute deduction that can have a huge cut in salary due to IT.

In the mean while Form 26AS - can also be used to see if there is any TDS paid towards your PAN in the same financial year so that you can plan better.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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