Massive demand for high-skill talent across roles!

Amid massive digital adoption and business needs to focus on profitability, enterprises are now shifting to work with high-skill contractual talent. According to Awign, India’s largest tech-led on-demand work fulfillment platform, there has been a 105% increase in demand for high-skill talent across roles on a contractual basis in the last 12 months.

More specifically, 85% of the overall demand coming from enterprises has been for gig talent in tech roles. Full stack developers, Data Scientists, React and Java Developers, Mobile App Developers, and Cloud Engineers are among the tech roles in high demand in the gig economy.

While start-ups led the paradigm shift from full-time to gig workforce, Awign has been witnessing increasing preference of large-sized enterprises, publicly listed companies, and conglomerates to work with gig partners in niche profiles to fulfill their work on a contractual basis. With the gig model, enterprises can variable fixed costs and minimize resources allocated on long recruitment cycles. Awign observes that while 76% of the demand for high-skill talent comes from large enterprises, mid-size enterprises along with start-ups and growing enterprises contributed to 16% and 8% of the demand, respectively.

The rising demand for high-skill contractual talent has been seen across non-tech roles as well, especially in creative roles. Apart from growing demand for a high-skill contractual workforce in tech roles, gigs in non-tech roles such as HR and Recruitment, Mechanical Engineering, and Content Writing have also seen a 5%, 8%, and 10% spike in demand in the last 6 months.

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