Microsoft goes all-in on responsible AI, team now exceeds 400 people 🛩

Microsoft today revealed that its dedicated responsible AI workforce now exceeds 400 employees. This move underscores the growing urgency within the industry to address potential biases and risks associated with AI.

According to Microsoft’s first annual AI transparency report, released Wednesday, more than half of this team focuses exclusively on ensuring the company’s AI services are developed and deployed ethically. The team’s growth includes both new hires and the reassignment of existing personnel.

“In the second half of 2023, we grew our responsible AI community 16.6 per cent across the company,” the report stated.

Microsoft’s approach goes beyond traditional computer science expertise. They’ve built a team including experts in linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and other fields to proactively address potential issues.

Their network has over 140 Responsible AI Champions. These Champions undergo intensive training and then empower colleagues throughout the company. In 2023 alone, their ranks grew by over 50 new Champions, strengthening internal knowledge.

Microsoft offers a robust suite of educational resources to ensure all employees are equipped to develop AI responsibly. Their linguists carefully examine AI language models for potential bias, while cognitive neuroscientists analyze the impact of AI interfaces on human decision-making.

This larger team enables Microsoft to delve deeper into the potential risks of AI, resulting in safer and more trustworthy technology. It also allows for faster development of safeguards and ethical AI best practices.

Importantly, the company is actively collaborating with the broader AI community to advance responsible AI across the industry.

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