Salesforce Onboards Over 1,800 Employees, Likely To Hire More!

Salesforce hired 1,839 new employees last quarter as the company seeks to rebuild its workforce with AI specialists and boomerang hires.

As of 31 January 2024, the company has 72,682 employees. That represents a significant increase from the headcount of 70,843 reported after the preceding quarter.

The vendor is unlikely to stop there either. After all, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff vowed to hire 3,300 additional employees by September 2023. As a result, Salesforce expects to add another 1,500 team members in the coming months, if not more.

On announcing the onboarding plans, Benioff stated: “Our job is to grow the company and maintain high margins.” We know we need to hire thousands of workers.

The CEO also speculated that those thousands of workers could be “boomerang hires” - including some of the 8,000 employees laid go last year, accounting for more than 10 percent of the company’s workforce.

Salesforce’s decision came as the company faced activist pressure to attain profitability.

However, since then, the company’s stock has risen by more than 70 percent year on year. Salesforce has now sought to expand its pool of AI specialists, including recruiting OpenAI workers, as well as rehiring former staff.

Furthermore, Weaver stated that the vendor aims to recruit in places with “high talent pools and low cost of living.” Benioff already admitted to overstaffing during the pandemic-driven SaaS boom.

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