Mixed bag of opportunities for job aspirants.!

A mixed bag of opportunities is likely to greet job aspirants in the New Year as telecom and services-oriented sectors are anticipated to accelerate hiring after recent gloomy months of pink slips in the technology segment amid global economic turmoil.

Short-term opportunities will be on the rise and companies will focus on building a work-life integrated culture, nurturing niche talent, enhancing skills, and providing flexible work arrangements, experts opined. Experts also said one of the major recruitment trends of 2023 is expected to be companies looking to boost the internal mobility of talent.

After 2022, especially the second half, resonated with reports of mass layoffs and hiring freeze amid the pandemic-related business disruptions, experts said it is not going to be all gloom and doom in 2023. According to staffing firms and job portals, it will be a mixed bag for the Indian job market next year. Amid subdued tech hiring, some of the non-tech hiring, especially in telecom and service-oriented sectors has gained pace and is set to drive the recruitment momentum in 2023, they said.

This year, different trends emerged in the employment market, including the emphasis on reskilling and upskilling initiatives. And these trends are expected to continue in 2023 as well, with companies willing to pay a premium for relevant skills as compared to legacy skills.

While the hiring in the tech industry was 18 percent lower (Naukri Research) as compared to October last year, the New Year is not expected to bring any more revolting shocks as organizations seem to have made critical decisions already.

The focus now will be on creating a slow but impactful pipeline and here nothing will reward candidates as handsome as investing in core skill development. The Indian job market is facing some heat, especially in IT services, after Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, Snapchat, and many other tech firms announced massive job cuts amid recession fears.

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