Need checklist for submitting Income Tax Returns


We have a group of new employees under training and submitting their ITR soon. I have created a checklist to share with them. Is this list enough?

A list of documents that one must keep with them while filing IT returns are:

  1. Form 16 Issued by the employer
  2. Form 16A Issued
  3. Form 26AS which details tax credits to your account
  4. Home loan documents
  5. Documents of investments made for tax savings

Please suggest in case any is missed out.

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Hi Manasa,

Form 16 is enough for them to keep while filing their returns. Form 16 will be issues by the employer after considering all the income and investment proofs. so, no need to keep these documents once again to confuse them.

I would suggest to get in touch with Clear Tax app. They have very easy method to file IT returns.


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